5 themes kicking off Cannes Lions according to our Young Guns

As our delegates continue to arrive at Cannes Lions 2015, we offer a daily wrap up from the first Sundowner Session, brought to you by the Young Guns 🔫🌴🌅

What have we learned from the first 24hours of the festival?

  1. The power of storytelling, and using the support and passion of fans to strengthen content.
  2. Understanding global social and cultural differences, and ensuring your story stays relevant to what’s important in the local market.
  3. Tinder: Brands will soon really start to harness this platform. That’s because it’s an environment where people are intrinsically looking for something new and exciting to discover, plus it’s an opt in environment with a simple swipe to the right.
  4. How to think more creatively? Just embarrass yourself! Only then are you taking a risk and doing something you’ve never done before. So do it every day.
  5. And finally, these days there is such a strong focus on producing content and we are starting to get really good at it. The only problem is now, we need to try and figure out better ways to distribute it. We need to put more organisation, thought and strategy into distribution.

Stay tuned for tomorrow!