Saying goodbye to Cannes 2015

Maxus Cannes Lions

I have survived the Cannes Lion International Festival 2015!

What a magical place! The lights, action and excitement flow gracefully from every morning into every night. Young and old from all corners of the earth, we descend upon Cannes to be both celebrated and inspired. It’s a place where things just happen. Whether you are in the city, in a conference or just meeting new people; there is an energy here that simply breeds connection! It is the celebration of great work in our industry. The brands that are shining have learned that insight and technology need to be brought together with an underpinning message about the common good. It is about having the courage to challenge convention and inspire a movement, (i.e. #likeagirl). This thought was echoed by key brand personalities like Pharrell Williams and Jamie Oliver who also demonstrate that great brands can inspire new and exciting ideas. In each case the message comes from an authentic place proving that when this is achieved we don’t need to apologize for also generating revenue.
How do brands accomplish this? It should be in your DNA. If it isn’t then look within your core and find your purpose. Then be clear and honest about it and as Jamie Oliver says you can “exchange on a currency of trust”. A thought that rang close to my heart because in today’s cynical world there are brands that have the power to reassure and inspire consumers, despite the confusion created in the absence of transparency.
So what has this experience taught me? It has reaffirmed my belief that great ideas, thoughts and messages can come from anyone anywhere who has the passion, belief and confidence to put it out into the world and see what becomes. It was said today that only 1% of the world is truly creative… Well then surely they have all come together in Cannes this week and I have been blessed to be a part if it.By the end of Cannes 2015 Canada will have hopefully won a record amount of Lions. Clearly, we are an nation that understands great ideas.

By Ann Stewart, President Maxus Canada